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See instantly the current correlation of the instrument you are trading against any 4 other instruments with our MT4 Correlation Indicator – Works on all timeframes

Do you trade more than 1 instrument?

Do you how closely correlated the instrument you are about to trade is correlated against other instruments you are observing or already trading? For example, many times if you take a Short trade in EURUSD when you are already Long USDCHF means, more often than not, you are doubling your risk. This is because, more often than not, EURUSD and USDCHF trade on a close to Perfect Negative correlation (-1).

With the Forex Useful MT4 Correlation indicator you can instantly see the current correlation of the instrument you are about to trade against any 4 other instruments. The indicator will work for ALL instruments on ALL time-frames.

  • I Google FX correlation MT4 and your site was one of the top ones!D.E.

  • You know I have to be honest I knew nothing about correlation until I read your article and then bought your indicator, I will never ever again be Long both EURUSD and Short USDCHF - Amazing to be honest - GeniusSimon

  • This is excellentK.R.

If you trade more than 1 instrument make sure you use better risk management today by getting a copy of the Forex Useful MT4 Correlation Indicator now.

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