If You Trade More Than 1 Instrument

You Really Must Understand Your Risk…


To understand risk you must know how closely the instrument you are about to trade is correlated against other instruments you are already trading.

For example, lets say you are considering opening a new short EURUSD position.  If you already had a long USDCHF position open it means, more often than not, you are doubling your risk.

The reason for this is, as you probably know, most of the time EURUSD and USDCHF trade on a close to Perfect Negative Correlation (-1.00).  So by opening a new short EURUSD position you would be doubling your market risk.  In addition to this, if you were to open a long EURUSD position you would in effect be taking a neutral position in the market.

The fact is, when you use our MT4 Correlation indicator you improve your Trade and Risk management because…

It Works For ALL Instruments On ALL Time Frames


Why Others Are Using Our MT4 Correlation Indicator…


Works for ALL instruments (currencies, indices, commodities, stocks, etc.).


100% visual on all time frames.  No more manually checking correlation numbers.


Improves your Trade and Risk management across ALL time frames.

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The Indicator In Action…

EURUSD visual correlation versus USDCHF, the FTSE, Apple and GOLD
(Click image to zoom)

Notice the USDCHF almost Perfect Negative Correlation (-0.97)

How This Knowledge Improves Your Trade & Risk Management

Now you know you should NOT open a short EURUSD position if you already have a long USDCHF position open unless you want to double your risk in the market.  In addition to this, you know that you should NOT open a long EURUSD position unless you want to take a neutral position in the market.


Frequently Asked Questions…


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does The Indicator Work On All Charting Packages?

    Our MT4 Correlation Indicator, as the name suggests, is designed for use on the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) charting package only.  So, to use the indicator you will need an account with an MT4 Broker.  You then attach the indicator to your MT4 chart as you would with any other custom indicator.

  • Does The Indicator Work On MT4 Spread Bet Accounts?

    Yes it does.  Please note though, some MT4 Spread Bet Accounts append SB to the end of the instrument name, thus EURUSD becomes EURUSDSB.  If this is the case for your broker please ensure you use this full description, EURUSDSB.

  • Does The Indicator Really Work For All Instruments?

    Yes it does, as the example screen shot above shows.  If your MT4 Broker provides access to the instrument, you can view it.  This includes, currencies, indices, commodities, stocks, etc.

  • Does The Indicator Really Work For All Time Frames?

    Yes it does, it works for all standard time frames provided by most MT4 Brokers, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, 4 hour, 1 hour, 30 minute, 15 minute, 5 minute and 1 minute.

  • Are Installation And Set Up Instructions Provided?

    Yes they are.  Installation is easy as it is the exact same process for any other custom MT4 indicator.  Set up is also easy, you are provided with complete instructions on how to customise the period, 4 instruments and their colours.

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What Other Traders Say About The Indicator…

  • Simplicity in the display of data, one of the 'must have tools' in trading

  • Saves time when measuring the correlation of Currency pairs and helpful to see it all in one window on all time-frames

  • The easiest way to know your risk when trading more than one instrument

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