Forex Useful MT4 Day Trader Indicator 538x218

One FREE indicator does it all – Our MT4 Day Trader Indicator is fully customisable and displays Pivots, Trading time zones, Big Round Numbers, Open, High, Low and more …

Our FREE MT4 Day Trader Indicator does it all and it is fully customisable – It displays:

  • Daily Open (can be turned On/Off)
  • Daily High/Low (can be turned On/Off)
  • Current Price
  • Distance Price has moved today (from the Opening Price – as a percentage and in PIPs)
  • Time left until the Current candle closes
  • Pivot levels (can be turned On/Off)
  • Mid points (can be turned On/Off)
  • Big Round Numbers, e.g. 1.4500, 98.00 (can be turned On/Off)
  • New York/London/Tokyo/Sydney session times (can all be turned On/Off)

As well as the trading information being fully customisable the indicator itself can be displayed on the right hand side of your chart or the left, whichever is more convenient for you.

This is the Day Trading Indicator we use on our charts and you can download it for FREE and use it today.

  • Thanks for the free indicator, nice to get something like this for free in this world of sharksPete

  • Great to have all this information in one indicator and the fact you made it free is just great - Wonder - Could you add Forex Factory newsP.M.

  • Great indicator, just wish I found it before I paid for an inferior oneLisa

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