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Price Action Trading Report – Why I’ve Started To Use Flow

Hello Traders, In this video, I’m talking about how using bias has really started to help me in my trading. I’ve always been quite aggressive in my trading in terms of selling rallies and buying dips. But lately I’ve really been finding a nice groove just sticking to a simple rule. Take a look and…

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GBP In Focus – Price Action Trading Report For The Week Starting 23 July 2018

Hello Traders, First things first – sorry for the less-than-perfect audio on this one! This week we’re looking at the Pound – we’re talking GBPUSD, EURGBP, GBPJPY – and we’re going to throw in some EURUSD and DXY for good measure! I hope you enjoy the analysis and good luck with your trading over the…

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Price Action Trading Report For The Week Starting 11 June 2018

Price Action Trading Report For The Week Starting 11 June 2018

Hello Traders, All 5 trades from the last video have now been closed out. So this week we’re: reviewing recent trading action in AUDNZD, AUDCAD and GBPJPY looking at a new position in GBPJPY, and taking an early stage peek at what the US Dollar is likely to do over the next couple of months…

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Price Action Trading 28-May-2018 Main

Trading Results: Price Action Trading Report 25th May 2018

Hello Traders, Bit of a change-up to the format this week guys. Instead of going through the charts, I’m going to go through my trading results over the last 5/6 weeks that I have been recording these videos. We’ll be looking at key metrics such as average winner, average loser, strike rate, risk v reward…

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Price Action Trading 21-May-2018 Main

Price Action Trading Report – Week Starting 21st May 2018

Hello Traders, In this week’s report I’ll show you a couple of trades that broke my trading rules. I’ll also explain why I did so, and how you can apply the same thinking to your own trades. I’ll also show you my current trades that I have open, the losing trades that I took during…

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Pivot Point Trading 14-May-2018 Main

Pivot Points Trading Strategy Report – Week Starting 14th May 2018

3 Potential Pivots trades for the week ahead for everyone. Even if they don’t trigger on Monday I will have an eye on them the rest of the week too. Remember – You can trade the strategy “as is” – But, as Elite Package members know, I just prefer to find more areas of confluence,…

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Price Action Trading 14-May-2018 Main Image

Price Action Trading Report – Week Starting 14th May 2018

Hello Traders, This week we’re looking at: – a losing trade on AUDCAD – a 1 : 20 risk:reward trade on AUDNZD – a tasty opportunity on USDJPY – (with some EURUSD and GBPUSD analysis thrown in for good measure) We’re also looking at why lots of traders approach their analysis backwards (and seeing how…

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Price Action Trading Report – Week Starting 7th May 2018

Hello Traders, I’ve been tracking a particular trading setup for months now. It triggered last week – exactly how I wanted it to. The only thing is….I missed it. And on top of that – I closed out trade by mistake – missing out on nearly 400 pips (you can laugh if you want –…

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3 Little Pigs Main Image 21-Apr-2018

3 Little Pigs Trading Strategy 21-Apr-2018

Just want to highlight a couple of trend changes this week. Both are “late entries” as explained in the FREE eBook. AUDUSD All change – The Weekly, Daily and the 4 Hour charts all turned round this week… USDCHF The Weekly chart finally caught up with the Daily and the 4 Hour charts this week……

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PAST Main Image 20-Apr-2018

Price Action Trading Report – Week Starting 23rd April 2018

Hello Traders I hope you’ve had a great trading week! This report updates you on the trades we were looking at last week, namely EURJPY and AUDCAD. Also included is a new trade on AUDNZD and a new price action reversal setup on GBPCHF. The USD is at critical levels now across the board. We’re…

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