Price Action Trading Report – Topping Is A Process – Not An Event

Hello Price Action Traders, Welcome to this week’s Price Action Trading Report! “Topping is a process, not an event”. It’s a saying that has certainly rung true when it comes to the NZDUSD recently. It’s painfully slow, but the market is gradually carving out what looks like a top. We look at the key price…

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Price Action Trading Report – Ranges Always Break

Hello There PAST Traders! In this week’s Price Action Trading Report we’ll look at the following: How tight ranges historically always resolve themselves one way or another (looking at EUR/USD) Why I continue to be a USD Dollar bull (looking DXY) The big news events to watch out for next week Current positions on NZDUSD…

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Price Action Trading Report – Being Early Is The Same As Being Wrong

Hello there PAST Traders! Welcome to this week’s Price Action Trading Report. This week we are going to take detailed look at how I was too early on my NZDUSD trade that I was looking at it in my last report. I’ll show you why trading decisions are rarely black and white – we usually…

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Potential Pivot Trades - 5-Sep-16

Potential Pivots Trades For Week Commencing 5-Sep-16

Some Pivot Points Trading Strategy trades for the week ahead (please make sure you fully understand the strategy and why it works – The eBook is available for free here). GBPAUD Short A nice set up here on the Short side with that 2 month high at 1.7787 looking good. The downside today is that…

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Price Action Trading Report – Has Kiwi Finally Put In A Top

Hello PAST Traders, and welcome to this week’s Price Action Trading Report! I know it has been a few weeks since I’ve done a video report – so it’s nice to be back in the saddle! August has been very quiet for us, but it looks like September could start to liven things up a…

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1. Judgement 2-min

A Fair Criticism of Me

Hi there PAST Traders! I hope you’ve had a great week! So, last time I wrote a post criticising my own trading strategy. If you haven’t read it yet, you can can check it out here. This week, I’m going to step things up a notch by looking at something else. I’m not going to…

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1. Fair Criticism-min

A Fair Criticism Of The PAST Strategy

Hi there PAST Traders I hope you’re enjoying holiday season! I managed to get away on holiday for a week at the start of the month. It’s important to take a break from the markets every now and again. The month of August, when the markets tend to be quiet, is a perfect time to…

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Potential Pivot Trade - 17-Aug-16

Potential Pivot Trade – 17-Aug-16

Yesterday in the Live Workshop I walked through the process I use when looking to improve on my real-time Pivots Strategy entries. During the live session we covered at least 8 real-time trades and pro members can watch the recording in the bonus area here. With the Pivots Strategy Video Course now complete I want…

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2 Potential Pivot Trades For Next Week - 13-Aug-16

2 Potential Pivot Trades For Next Week – 13-Aug-16

On Friday (yesterday) in the Live Workshop I walked through the daily process I use when looking for Pivots Strategy Set & Forget trades. During that live session we identified 5 potential trades for Friday and another half a dozen or so we would be interested in next week. The main focus, as I explained,…

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PAST 2016-8-6

Forex Traders: Are We Too Hard On Ourselves?

Hello there PAST Traders Who do you think of when you hear the words “great trader”? For me, when I think of great traders, people like Stanley Druckenmiller come to mind. Jesse Livermore. John Paulson. When I think of great traders, I think of impressive returns. Asymmetric risk and reward. The ability to generate returns…

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