Potential Pivot Trade - 17-Aug-16

Potential Pivot Trade – 17-Aug-16

Yesterday in the Live Workshop I walked through the process I use when looking to improve on my real-time Pivots Strategy entries. During the live session we covered at least 8 real-time trades and pro members can watch the recording in the bonus area here. With the Pivots Strategy Video Course now complete I want…

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2 Potential Pivot Trades For Next Week - 13-Aug-16

2 Potential Pivot Trades For Next Week – 13-Aug-16

On Friday (yesterday) in the Live Workshop I walked through the daily process I use when looking for Pivots Strategy Set & Forget trades. During that live session we identified 5 potential trades for Friday and another half a dozen or so we would be interested in next week. The main focus, as I explained,…

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PAST 2016-8-6

Forex Traders: Are We Too Hard On Ourselves?

Hello there PAST Traders Who do you think of when you hear the words “great trader”? For me, when I think of great traders, people like Stanley Druckenmiller come to mind. Jesse Livermore. John Paulson. When I think of great traders, I think of impressive returns. Asymmetric risk and reward. The ability to generate returns…

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PAST 22-Jul-16

Price Action Trading Report – Build Confidence In Your Trading Strategy

Hello PAST Traders, Welcome to this week’s Price Action Trading Report! In this video, we look at a hugely important topic for us as traders: confidence in our trading strategy. If we don’t have confidence in our trading ability and trading strategy, we’ll fold at the first sign of trouble. In this video we look…

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Potential Pivots Trades For Next Week - 23-Jul-16

Potential Pivots Trades For Next Week – 23-Jul-16

In the most recent Live Weekly Workshop on Friday 22nd July at 10:00 UK local time I pointed out these 4 potential trades for the session ahead. They are all related to the Pivot Points Trading Strategy. I also mentioned that these potential trades would, most likely, still be valid early next week. And, writing…

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Pivots Points Trading Strategy Analysis Video 17-Jul-16

Below is the Analysis video section of the soon to be released Pivot Points Trading Strategy Video course. The complete course (due next week all being well) will be available to Pro Members only, click HERE for details. [wlss_hide_from_members_in_any_level levels=”pro-member”] [/wlss_hide_from_members_in_any_level] Hope it helps. All comments welcome. DISCLAIMER & COPYRIGHT This update is based on my analysis…

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PAST 16.07.2016-min

Price Action Trading Report – It Was Good While It Lasted

Hello Traders! Welcome to this week’s Price Action Trading Report! Today we’re looking at ranging v trending markets, the Dollar Index, the Yen Index, and NZDUSD. Hello traders! Welcome to the latest Price Action Trading Report! This time we look at EURJPY which hit its stop on Thursday, returning 2,000 pips in profit. We look…

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Perspective Image 13-Jun-16

Price Action Trading Report – Perspective 13-Jul-16

Hello there PAST Traders! I got a bit of a wake-up call over the weekend. I had two separate conversations, both with close family members, that really gave me a shake. I got a dose of some much-needed perspective. But before I get into all that, I want to update you a little on the…

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Pivots & PAST - 10-Jul-16

Pivots & PAST – 10-Jul-16

Those of you who have read the PAST eBook know that Nigel likes to look for potential trade ideas on the Higher time. He typically analyses the Weekly charts to look for these ideas which he bases on 3 specific candlestick reversal patterns. These 3 patterns are automatically detected by the PAST MT4 Indicator. His…

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All eBooks For Free - 7-Jul-16

Our Kindle Collection Is FREE 7th – 9th July 2016

Please note, before you continue reading… We rarely ask for anything from our members in return for our efforts Formatting and publishing our books on Kindle (at your request) Took time and expense on our part Please can we ask in return a simple favour… It would be much appreciated if you took just a few…

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