Jons Post Brexit Trading Plan - 26-Jun-16

Jons Post Brexit Trading Plan – 26-Jun-16

Hi All, I went through my Pre Brexit trading decisions and Post Brexit Trading plan in the recent Weekly workshop which Pro members can access here. For the benefit of everyone else, here is a summary of my Post Brexit Trading plan. 3 Little Pigs From Tuesday last week (2 days before the referendum) I…

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PAST 26-Jun-16

Price Action Trading Report – The Calm After The Storm 24-Jun-16

Hello Traders, In this Price Action Trading Report we look at the fallout from the EU/UK Referendum and see if we can identify any good forex trading opportunities for the week ahead. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you again soon! Nigel The PAST MT4 Indicator, MT4 Scanner, Video course and much more (including live…

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Price Action Trading Report EUUK Referendum

Price Action Trading Report – EU/UK Referendum 22-Jun-16

Tell Me When It’s Over! In this Price Action Trading Report we look at the final few hours left before the UK takes to the polls in the EU/UK Referendum on Thursday 23rd June 2016. We take a look at what the polls are saying, what the betting exchanges are saying, and what they charts…

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Incredible Power Of Running Winners

I’ve been getting a serious case of déjà vu over the last couple of weeks. You see, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Betfair again. Now don’t worry, I haven’t had a gambling relapse. It’s just been a handy way to monitor the odds of the UK pulling out of the EU 🙂…

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June Looks Brighter - 18-Jun-16

June Looks Brighter – 18-Jun-16

At the end of May I reported a loss for the 3 Little Pigs strategy of around 12%, here’s some of what I said… The main reason for the unusually poor month was that – Typically when the majority of the pairs I trade are ranging there are one or two that make up for…

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Another Failed Head & Shoulders – Time To Retire The Pattern?

Hello there Price Action Traders, Yet another Head and Shoulders pattern has resulted in a loss for me. Check out this weekly Head and Shoulders pattern on EURGBP that I’ve been watching lately: A clear left shoulder, an obvious head, and a nice right hand shoulder. Textbook. Then, we get a clean break of the…

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Looking For Pivots Trades - 11-Jun-16

Looking For Pivots Trades – 11-Jun-16

I picked this trade out in the Live Weekly Workshop yesterday. It’s much easier to explain this in the live markets but I will just try here to show why I picked this trade. First off I like to see an Entry with a Stop the other side of a Big Round Number. Just by…

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3 Little Pigs Trading Strategy Live 9 Jun 16

3 Little Pigs Trading Strategy Live On 9-Jun-16

After documenting a losing month in May – Jon held a workshop, open to all, to cover 3 Little Pigs at the beginning of June. Below is a recording of that workshop for those who were unable to attend. Note: Pro Members get 6 months FREE access to our live weekly workshops where Jon and/or…

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PAST 9-Jun - Main Image

Price Action Swing Trading: 3 Warning Signs That No Trader Should Ignore – 9-Jun-16

Hello there Forex Traders! It’s no secret that I’ve been going through a tricky period in my trading. It’s nothing that I haven’t experienced before though. And I’m sure I’ll experience much worse in the years to come. So, with that in mind, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m just not quite in sync…

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Hopeful For A Better June - 1-Jun-16

Hopeful For A Better June – 1-Jun-16

Well, I reckon I am down, on the 3 Little Pigs strategy, for the month of June around 12%. This is not the worst ever trading month for 3 Little Pigs but it is certainly up there in the “painful” month section. The main reason for this is that usually when the majority of the…

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