Price Action Swing Trading Is Brexit Back On - 1-Jun-16

Price Action Swing Trading: Is Brexit Back On? – 1-Jun-16

Hello Price Action Traders! It’s been a while since I have done a comprehensive update on the market in general. So in this video I look at some of the dominant themes that are at play in the currency markets right now, and how we might take advantage of them in our trading over the…

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Pivots And PAST Working Together - 24-May-16

Pivots And PAST Working Together – 24-May-16

In the Pivot Points Trading Strategy update a few days ago I looked at how “ZONES” usually play a role in my pivots trading.  I provided details on how I use “ZONES” to identify Higher Probability Pivot Points Strategy trade set ups. In this update I just wanted to follow on from that with a…

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3 Intriguing PAST NZDJPY Charts - 24-May-16

3 Intriguing PAST NZDJPY Charts – 24-May-16

Hi there PAST Traders, I hope you’re all keeping well! In this report I’m going to update you on NZDJPY. It’s a pair that I’ve been speaking about now and again in the Pro Workshops, and it’s one that I have been keeping an eye on. Here are 3 interesting charts that caught my eye:…

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How Persistence Pays In Your Forex Trading – A Real Life Example – 22-May-16

In this video I’m going to show you how PERSISTENCE plays such an important role in your trading, and how it can be something that stands between you and potential profits. This is a real life example from my trading this week. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you again soon! Nigel The PAST MT4…

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Pivots Strategy - Looking For More Than A R2 or S2 Level - 22-May-16

Pivots Strategy – Looking For More Than A R2 or S2 Level – 22-May-16

This is the EURJPY trade we discussed in the last Live Weekly Workshop on Friday (the recording for pro members is available here and I recommend it to all recent Pro Members who missed the workshop as it addresses the question of how to approach markets if you are completely new to our strategies or…

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PAST Update 19-May-2016

Here’s Why Your Trading Is Driving You Mad Right Now – 19-May-16

Forex trading is never easy at the best of times, but right now, we seem to be going through a difficult patch. In this video I look at the main reason why we tend to get frustrated and angry with ourselves during these periods and what we can do about it… Resources: Forex Useful Pro…

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Crazy Trader Mode

Price Action Trading Report – Crazy Trader Mode ENGAGED – 15-May-16

Hello PAST Traders! I’m going to try to describe a feeling that I encounter every now and again when I’m trading. Now, I’m not a great writer, not by any stretch of the imagination. So I’m not sure that I have the vocabulary or the writing skill to do this justice, but I’m going to…

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Unhappy Pigs 15-May-16

Unhappy Pigs – 15-May-16

After a rather decent April, for most of us, the 3 Little Pigs is a little under the weather this month as we give some of those April profits back. So, here is my first point – No strategy is flawless and no strategy will ever work all the time. Remember those ranging EURGBP and…

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Price Action Trading Report - EURGBP Reversal and NZDUSD Trendline Break

Price Action Trading Report – EUR/GBP Reversal & NZD/USD Trendline Break

Welcome to this Price Action Trading Report! In this video I look at a couple of trading opportunities that I am excited about – one in EUR/GBP and another in NZD/USD. Price action in EUR/GBP is playing out nicely but despite this I am yet to secure a position. NZD/USD seems to be suffering as…

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Trend Trading Gold - FREE Trade From Here 11-May-16

Trend Trading Gold – FREE Trade From Here 11-May-16

I commented on this long term opportunity in Gold at the beginning of the year after it was pointed out to me by a Pro member during the festive holiday period. I am revisiting it today because I have in the past weeks received numerous emails asking if I have yet moved my Stop. Well,…

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