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Your Useful Forex Newsletter – 06-Jan-13

Welcome to the last Your Useful Forex Newsletter of 2012 brought to you by Forex Useful. First of all I will take the opportunity to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. I look forward to making sure Forex Useful lives up to its name to ensure it is the the most useful

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Currency Correlation Infographic 538x218

Currency Correlation Infographic

Correlation in the Currency world defines the relationship between one Currency pair and another – The relationship is measured using the Correlation (co-efficient), the range is from +1 to -1

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No Indicators Trading Strategy (NITS) Weekly Report – 05-Jan-13

A focus on GBPUSD this week, 4 Hour, Daily & 15 Minute. First up, the 4 Hour chart which was choppy over the Christmas period. Sometimes its best to take a break and sometimes much patience is required whilst markets find direction. Short, Long, Short and no chance to ever trail a Stop yet! This…

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3 Little Pigs Trading Strategy - 2013-01-05 538x218

3 Little Pigs Trading Strategy Weekly Report – 05-Jan-13

USDJPY, 400 PIPs+ and still running! – Long term trend (Weekly chart) confirmed UP since the close of the 14-10-2012 candle – Medium term trend (Daily chart) confirmed UP since the close of the 14-11-2012 candle – Short term trend (4 Hour chart), see chart… THIS WEEKS ANALYSIS [one_half] Long and Medium Term Trends Are…

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Fundamental Freddie Weekly Report – 05-Jan-13

On Thursday 10th January it’s the 1st Interest Rate announcements of 2013 for the Euro (EUR) & Great British Pound (GBP). Some volatility will be expected but the biggest surprise will be if either country announces any change! The GBP & EUR rate announcements on Thursday occur within an hour of each other (12:00 and 12:45 respectively). …

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Chip The Chartist - 2013-01-05 538x218

Chip The Chartist Weekly Report – 05-Jan-13

The last time USDJPY moved this much (in percentage terms) from it’s 52 Week Moving Average was back in March 2008. Back then it reverted to it’s mean (MA(52)) as part of an overall 50% retracement. At these levels one would expect some form of mean reversion and retracement soon. GET INVOLVED This set up…

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3 Little Pigs Infographic 538x218

3 Little Pigs Trading Strategy Infographic

The 3 Little Pigs Trading Strategy in infographic format – See what it’s all about and what this FREE strategy from Forex Useful can do for you

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Forex Market Hours Infographic 538x218

Forex Market Hours Infographic

Although the Forex markets are effectively open 24 Hours a day 5 Days a week – Each region has it’s own “official” hours…

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Currency Nicknames Infographic 538x218

Currency Nicknames Infographic

Ever wondered what Forex traders are talking about when they refer to Cable, Fiber and the Loonie? They are all Currency Nicknames…

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Best Currency Pairs To Trade Infographic 538x218

Best Currency Pairs To Trade Infographic

Some currencies are more heavily traded than others, the US Dollar for example, is the most heavily traded of all currencies as it is involved in 85% of all currency transactions…

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