Workshop Special 9-June-2017

Forex Useful MT4 Indicators And Scanners 2017 06 09 Workshop

On Friday 9th June we presented a free webinar for all Forex Useful members.

This year we have accepted 10 new members a month. It has been some time since we specifically covered how we use our MT4 indicators and scanners on a daily basis in the live markets.

This webinar was set up to cover how we use the 3 Little Pigs, Pivots and PAST MT4 Indicators and Scanners on a daily basis in the live markets.

The webinar was for new Elite members looking to see how they can use their MT4 indicators and scanners in the live markets. It was also an opportunity, for others considering membership, to see how the software can benefit them.

Sadly, due to the following, attendance was very low…

webinar time image

So, apologies for this, as we kicked off the webinar at 12:00 CET as intended. We had not noticed the strange Europe/London label!

Anyway, we recorded the session and you can watch it below. As mentioned in the video we hoped to answer any questions in the live markets. However, many did not get that chance so please, if you have any questions at all just ask below and we will answer all of them.

Apologies once again for messing up on the timing, we genuinely intended and believed we were set up for 12:00 CET, 11:00 UK Local time.

Note – The offer mentioned in the video is available HERE

Basically instead of £129 for a single MT4 package, in June, you can get all our MT4 indicators, scanners and EA’s plus all our video content for just £192.60 – 7 places left

All comments welcome.


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