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Fundamental Freddie Weekly Report – 01-Dec-13

Be cautious out there!

News galore next week with a raft of PMI data due out and no less than 4 Interest rate statements across the globe.

And, remember, it’s Non-Farm Payrolls on the first Friday of the month.

There is so much key fundamental data due out next week and it’s a good reason for technical traders with open positions to tighten up those Stops. This is especially true on Friday when Non-Farm Payrolls are due out.

[notify_box font_size=”14px” style=”blue”]It’s a great time to consider having a week off – With this much data due out technical traders will more than likely have more to observe after the market absorbs and reacts to all this data.[/notify_box]

Note: Euro positions should be managed especially carefully on Thursday due to the potential for a further rate reduction.

This Weeks News

As always, here is a list of the major ne5s events for the week ahead (source = Forex Factory):

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