Fundamental Freddie Weekly Report – 05-Jan-13

On Thursday 10th January it’s the 1st Interest Rate announcements of 2013 for the Euro (EUR) & Great British Pound (GBP). Some volatility will be expected but the biggest surprise will be if either country announces any change!

The GBP & EUR rate announcements on Thursday occur within an hour of each other (12:00 and 12:45 respectively).  However, with both rates at or near all time lows, there is little expectation of a decrease – On the other hand, an increase would also be more than a surprise for the majority.

So, expect some volatility as usual and expect extreme moves only if any change to either rate is announced.

[notify_box font_size=”13px” style=”blue”]Remember, an increase in the Interest rate should be GOOD news for the currency (as it attracts more Buyers) and a decrease, especially an unexpected one, should be BAD news for the currency.[/notify_box]

This Weeks News

As always, here is a list of the major news events for the week ahead (source = Forex Factory):

Fundamental Freddie - 2013-01-05 - Calendar

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