Fundamental Freddie Weekly Report – 13-Jan-13

Retail Sales figures (for December) are due out on both sides of the pond next week. On Tuesday (13:30) in the US and on Friday (09:30) in the UK (UK Local time).

These figures for both countries provide a realistic indication of how well each economy is doing as they reflect the activity of the actual consumer. Retail Sales figures are, understandably, considered by many as one of the best measurements of a countries economy.  Decembers figures are especially important as they reflect confidence during the most active month of thrift.

[notify_box font_size=”13px” style=”blue”]Remember, Retail Sales figures better than expected should be good for the respective currency based on the fact it would indicate consumers are spending more than expected.[/notify_box]

Traders will also be watching China’s GDP figures due out on Friday – General market direction will be upset if this enviable growth rate of 7.8% is lower than expected.

This Weeks News

As always, here is a list of the major news events for the week ahead (source = Forex Factory):

Fundamental Freddie - 2013-01-13 - Calendar

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