Hopeful For A Better June - 1-Jun-16

Hopeful For A Better June – 1-Jun-16

Well, I reckon I am down, on the 3 Little Pigs strategy, for the month of June around 12%.

This is not the worst ever trading month for 3 Little Pigs but it is certainly up there in the “painful” month section.

The main reason for this is that usually when the majority of the pairs I trade are ranging there are one or two that make up for that. This month the best performing pairs (AUDUSD and USDCHF) have returned 0% between them. Obviously this means those ranging pairs where I have seen the biggest losses (EURGBP, EURJPY, GBPUSD and USDJPY) have not been offset by gains elsewhere.

And of course, this does happen occasionally and of course, there is little I can do – I accept the bad month (May) and move onto June.

So, after a chain of Breakeven, -1%, -1%, -1%, -1%, +1% and -1% (net -4%) I was hopeful of my previous EURJPY trade where I got a great Entry (with a really close Stop).

Sadly, I was stopped out on the next candle. However, on that exact same candle I got another Entry, which again I am hopeful of, see chart...

Hopeful For A Better June - 1-Jun-16 Chart

Now this time I have a slightly bigger Stop than the previous trade but it is still a nice tight Stop. Entry 122.88, Stop 123.22, a 34 PIP Stop.

Here’s to seeing some progress in June to eliminate some of that 12% or so May drawdown.

Hope it helps.

All comments welcome.

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