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MT4 Trendline Trader

Hello there Traders!

The PAST MT4 Trendline Trader is finally ready!

The software allows you to set up a complete trendline trade in advance, and have it trade the opportunity for you while you are away from your screen.

The PAST MT4 Trendline Trader can:

  • trade trendline breaks
  • trendline bounces
  • trendline retests
  • wait for confirmation before entering (good for choppy markets)
  • take multiple attempts
  • use trendlines as stop-loss orders
  • use trendlines as take-profit orders
  • automatically bring your stop-loss to breakeven
  • help you manage risk properly on your trades
  • alert you to new trades via sound/email/SMS notifications

This software will help you reduce the hours you spend at your computer while improving the quality of the trendline trades you take.

Watch the special video below…

To see how you can use this software to transform your trendline trading!

If you’d like to get your copy, you can find out more details HERE.

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