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Forex Divergence

A personal story...

When I started Systems For Traders, an independent review site, in my spare time back in 2009 I was pestered by many members to review this great new Forex divergence trading strategy.

Two of us decided to test it in isolation and to then compare not only our results but also the results of the Forex "guru" selling the system.

After 2 months, we sat down and guess what! We were completely out of sync!

A little confused, we then compared our out of sync trades with the ones reported by the "guru". We we were all, the majority of the time, out of sync! The only major difference was of course that the "guru's" reported (hindsight) results were very much better than ours.

Based on this and subsequent experience my view is that divergence is over rated. Similar to Forex Chart patterns I am in the camp, show me one that worked out and I will show you one that didn't.

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