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Where do we start our trading transformation? We start by correcting the harmful mistakes that ruin our trading performance.

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Welcome to the Demolition Section of the Video Course!

You should have finished the Introduction Section by now, and be familiar with the concepts we discussed there. If you haven’t watched the Introduction Section yet, go back and watch it now!

So at the end of the last Section, we spoke about this idea of Renovating your whole approach to trading.

This next section is the Demolition part of that process. This is the part where we remove what isn’t working in your trading. This is where we identify what has been holding you back in your trading and get rid of it.

You see, as soon as we start to trade, we immediately start to pick up bad trading habits. Now, some of those bad habits don’t really matter that much. But some can be very destructive to our trading performance.

So we need to correct those as soon as possible and get our trading on the right track.

Get ready to dispel a few trading myths. Find out where you’ve been going wrong so far. And learn how you can start to correct those mistakes.

So, click on the Introduction Video below to get started.