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We’ve looked at what doesn’t work in trading. Now it’s time to focus on what does work. Get your trading on a solid Foundation.

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Welcome to the Foundation Section of the Video Course!

In the last Section, we looked at some of the common misconceptions new traders often have about trading. These misconceptions lead to trading mistakes. Repeated mistakes lead to bad habits. And bad trading habits lead to bad trading performance!

So in the last Section we looked at approaches to trading that don’t work.

In this Section, we are look at approaches and principles that do work.

It’s time to move on to the third section of the Video Course. It’s time to put in the Foundations.

A few questions for you before you start:

  • Why do traders blow up accounts?
  • Why do traders chop and change trading systems every few weeks?
  • Why, despite their best efforts, do they just continue to bleed money?

The answer is -

because they lack a solid Foundation for their trading.

When traders have no Foundation for their trading, they have no confidence in what they are doing. And then, as soon as the market throws something tricky at them, they buckle.

They get a big drawdown, a bust account maybe, they blame someone else for their losses, choose another new trading system, and the cycle starts all over again.

In this Foundation Section, you’ll learn how to change all of this. You’ll learn how important it is to have a positive edge in your trading. You’ll understand where profit really comes from.

All this will promote confidence in your trading abilities. You’ll be more resilient when the market tests you. And your long term trading performance will improve.

Click on the Introduction video below to get started!