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The final Section of the Course is all about consistency. Here are 4 tactics that will help you to generate steady results over the long term. 

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Welcome to the final Section of the Video Course!

We are now going to apply the finishing touches to our trading Renovation project.

It’s now time to put on the Roof.

We could be forgiven at this stage for thinking that we have covered everything that needs to be covered in this Video Course. We have identified the biggest pitfalls to avoid, the main principles we must adhere to, and how to practically implement those principles in our trading.

That must be job done, right?


No, there’s one final important piece of the puzzle we must look at. Now we must turn our attention to learning how to ensure that we are able to trade consistently and profitably over the long term.

We’ll look at how to properly assess your trading performance, how to create a money management strategy that works for you, how to fit your trading in with your lifestyle, and how you must treat your trading like you would run a business.

These tactics will help you to achieve longevity in the market and will provide a platform for a genuine, solid trading career.