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We’ve learnt the Foundation principles that underpin trading success. Now it’s time to turn those principles into action.

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Welcome to the Walls Section of the Video Course!

Our trading Renovation project is taking shape!

In the last Section, we spent time talking and learning about solid trading principles.

It is extremely important that we understand those principles. Because now, in this Section, we are going to take things one step further.

We are going to take those principles, and turn them into actionable tactics.

This is the Section where we start to look at our charts. We will create a framework, a set of chart tools, with which we can identify low risk trades that have big profit potential.

We will look at how to identify Preceding trends, Candlestick Reversal Patterns, how to draw Trendlines, and how to trade them.

And towards the end of this Section, we’ll look at a tactic that, if used properly, can turbocharge your profits.

Click on the Introduction video below to get started!