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The 3 Little Pigs MTF Trading Strategy

BabyPips Best Forex Trading Strategy Of The Month, June 2013

EURUSD over 18 months - 40 trades for a +28.65% return - 1% Risk per trade

Learn how simple price action techniques...
Result in a powerful trading strategy and positive returns

The Price Action Swing Trading (PAST) Strategy

Independent, Available On YouTube, Back Test Performed In August 2014

2 Currency pairs over 12 months - 18 trades for a +46% return - 2% Risk per trade

A simple to apply intraday strategy
Based on statistical analysis over 12 years of data, across 3 popular currency pairs

The Pivot Points Trading Strategy

Independent Back Test Performed In January 2016

2 Currency pairs over 6 months - 82 trades for a +15% return - 2% Risk per trade

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You'll be mastering 3 proven strategies that've been around for years

You'll be mastering 3 proven strategies that've stood up to independent reviews

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Forex Useful PRO Membership Benefits...

PRO Members perform quicker and more accurate analysis with our 3 custom MT4 indicators and scanners

PRO Members learn faster from our 3 Fast Track video courses, Priority email & online chat support and our interactive Weekly workshops

3 MT4 Indicators

Simple To Install Indicators For Each Strategy
Never Miss Another Trade - Audible, Visible, Email & SMS Alerts Ensure You Won't

3 MT4 Scanners & Templates

Increase The Number Of Instruments You Analyse
While Decreasing The Time You Spend Doing It

3 FAST Track Video Courses

Instant Access!
Watch Your Videos Any Time, Anywhere, On Any Device - AND, At Your Own Pace

What Pro Members Are Saying...

Your overall video course definitely has taught me so much. One thing stands out for me is the simplicity, no nonsense and genuine approach I have learned from you.

Brendan, PAST Fast Track Video Course

The first indicator I ever bought and I was not disappointed, saves me time by giving me the correct entry signals without checking the Weekly, Daily and 4 Hour charts myself

Steve G, 3 Little Pigs MT4 Indicator

No need to even look at the manual any more, Entry, Stop and Target for every instrument, and thanks for including the spreads - The SMS alerts are a huge bonus!

Pete M, Pivots Strategy MT4 Indicator

Key Price reversals for all the indices I trade, a real heads up to me when I see reversals across more than 3 or 4 indices at the same time

Vern, PAST MT4 Scanner

I can now see the status for the 42 instruments I trade on 1 screen – Huge benefit is being able to see when, for example, all EUR pairs are trending

Kacper, 3 Little Pigs MT4 Scanner

I am using it every weekend now to conduct my analysis - Sometimes it spots things I miss

Kate R, PAST MT4 Indicator

Easy to use, profitable with excellent support

Barbara, No Indicators Trend Trading Strategy

Thanks to Mr Price, my trading balance is steadily increasing, I'm trading confidently now and my family think I'm a nicer person

Basil C, PAST Fast Track Video Course

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Live Weekly Workshops

Become A Member Of A Group
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Stay up to date, ask about a past/upcoming trade, ask anything – Also recorded for those unable to attend

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Priority Support

Instant On-Line Support
12 Hour Email Support

Instant ad-hoc on-line support and 12 hour, usually much sooner, email support - Instead of 48 hours

Support always provided by Jon or Nigel not some "representative"

A BONUS Strategy...

Available NOW!

The No Indicators Trend Trading Strategy (NITTS)

Another String To Your Bow...

Use this simple Trend trading strategy to trade any instrument on any time frame.

Trade with a clutter free chart, without any indicators at all – To generate consistent long term profits.

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Forex Useful Pro Membership

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  • Bonus Strategy - NITTS

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Save 55% On Pro Membership

One Single Payment Of Just £205.20

6 Of 10 May Memberships Left