Pivots & PAST - 10-Jul-16

Pivots & PAST – 10-Jul-16

Those of you who have read the PAST eBook know that Nigel likes to look for potential trade ideas on the Higher time. He typically analyses the Weekly charts to look for these ideas which he bases on 3 specific candlestick reversal patterns. These 3 patterns are automatically detected by the PAST MT4 Indicator. His Entries are mostly based on subsequent trend line breaks on lower timeframes.

Based on his analysis Nigel first pointed out his interest in NZDUSD to Pro Members in the Live Weekly Workshop on Friday 24th June. Following this he created a video update for all members on Wednesday 29th June.

In Fridays Live Weekly Workshop (Pro Members who missed it can now view it here) Nigel was discussing all of his recent NZDUSD trading activity and also pointed out where his next level of interest in shorting NZDUSD would be.

It was pure coincidence that NZDUSD was a currency I was interested in that day as a potential intraday Pivots trade and I decided to add Nigel’s trend line to my chart. I wanted to share my “Pivots & PAST working together” analysis with everyone in the workshop but sadly I had some technical problems, so I could not.

So, for the benefit of all members here’s my chart, my commentary follows…

Pivots & PAST - 10-Jul-16 CHARTFirst off I really like this set up. We have…

  • The S2 level at 0.7312
  • The 12 month high at 0.7298
  • The Big Round number at 0.7300
  • The RSI is Overbought

Great reasons to take this Pivot Points Strategy trade. Remember, the Pivot Points Strategy is a profitable strategy “as is”. I just believe in spending some additional time looking to increase the odds in my favour.

The only reason I did not put an order in for this trade was that NFP was due out a few hours later in the day.

Anyway, the above is still a great example of how you can look for even higher probability intraday Pivot Points Strategy trading opportunities.

Now, notice Nigel’s trend-line…

I know he took a trade on that spike down and I think one or two others. I do not know the exact details but I do know he will be sending out an update about this activity in a couple of days time.

Now, just look at Nigel’s trend-line there on the chart. The underside coincides, almost perfectly, with our S2 level at 0.7312. This may be seen as a VERY aggressive entry for the PAST strategy and in fact, it is! However, those of you who have watched the PAST Video Course know that is also an acceptable entry (except for the fact it is above the high of the original weekly signal candle).

In terms of the Pivots Strategy, it for me, simply makes the case for this trade even stronger.

The point here is to note how the 2 strategies can work together.

The point here is also, some Pro members use 3 Pigs and NITTS together, some use PAST and NITTS together, some use Pivots to add intraday positions to longer term 3 Pigs trades.

All of our methods are proven and long term profitable. It is up to you to learn them, take the bits you like (be that from one strategy, 2 of them, or even 3 of them).

Use them apply them, own them, make them yours and do please share with us your success story.

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Hope it helps.

All comments welcome.


This update is based on my analysis on my charting package. It may differ to yours as it can be affected by time, market movements, charting packages and broker prices. I accept no liability for loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on any information in this report or analysis.