Swing Trading Strategy – FREE 3 Little Pigs Update 11-Oct-15

One of the many market comments on the ranging Yen is this one from Forex Live. The main takeaway from this particular article is this, “One way or another we’re going to move out of this pattern”.

I have personally taken 9 losing trades in a row here in the last month or so. This does happen but it is quite rare. A number of you have asked if there is any time I stand aside. Not at all, I have taken this recent trade on Friday knowing that if this is going to move to the upside this could be it, I will be involved and I will potentially make a lot of money. If this is another false dawn like the 9 previous trades I will take another small loss and wait for the next signal. And, once again, I will take it.

Swing Trading Strategy - FREE 3 Little Pigs Update 11-Oct-15 Chart

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Current 3 Little Pigs Swing Trading Strategy Outlook

Here is the current outlook for the 8 currency pairs I trade using the 3 Little Pigs Swing Strategy…

Swing Trading Strategy - FREE 3 Little Pigs Update 11-Oct-15 Trading Plan

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