Swing Trading Strategy – FREE 3 Little Pigs Update 27-Sep-15


This is an interesting article from the Guardian.

It may well have been the reason for the GBPUSD decline which started when trading opened last Monday. We did not get in on the beginning of the move as we waited for the all 3 timeframes to line up but we did get a valid signal late on Tuesday. Our Stop is now almost break-even meaning we have a risk free trade going into this week…

Swing Trading Strategy - FREE 3 Little Pigs Update 27-Sep-15 Chart

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Current 3 Little Pigs Swing Trading Strategy Outlook

Here is the current outlook for the 8 currency pairs I trade using the 3 Little Pigs Swing Strategy…

Swing Trading Strategy - FREE 3 Little Pigs Update 27-Sep-15 Trading Plan


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