Trend Trading – FREE NITTS Update 11-Oct-15

This week is for you longer term traders, those who like bigger stops and trades that can run for months, even years. I thank Steve G from Berkshire for bringing this to my attention.

Could this be the turning point for the US Dollar, in particular against it’s “cousin”, the Canadian Dollar?

See chart for the Long and Short Entry/Stop positions on the USDCAD Daily chart. Obviously the interest here is that Short position. If you are not in this trade you could either take an entry on Monday morning at the current market price or alternatively put a market order in place to get in at the original entry price of 1.3000. Of course the disadvantage with the latter is that that you may not get filled at that price if this selloff continues.

Note: Apologies but I cannot start the Live events this month due to other commitments, I will advise towards the end of this month on this.

Trend Trading – FREE NITTS Update 11-Oct-15 Chart
Do please ensure you clearly understand the
No Indicators Trend Trading Strategy (NITTS)
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