Trend Trading Gold - FREE Trade From Here 11-May-16

Trend Trading Gold – FREE Trade From Here 11-May-16

I commented on this long term opportunity in Gold at the beginning of the year after it was pointed out to me by a Pro member during the festive holiday period.

I am revisiting it today because I have in the past weeks received numerous emails asking if I have yet moved my Stop.

Well, yes I have and now we have a FREE trade from here, some suggest we might even see this running for years!

See chart for full details.

Please, please, please – Do not consider taking part in this trade unless you have a copy of and fully understand the No Indicators Trend Trading Strategy (NITTS).

Trend Trading Gold - FREE Trade From Here 11-May-16 - Chart

The Entry

This was my original commentary “If the crowd can push price above that 1195 level – It would be a clear indication that the downtrend is over and a new uptrend is in place. According to the strategy, we should no longer be Short, we should be Long.”

The Stop

The Initial Stop was 1040, 155 points away.

After breaking the 1285 high made in March that Initial Stop has now been moved to just below the most recent low, a break-even Stop of 1195.

All comments welcome…

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