Join In The EURGBP Short 17-04-16

Trend Trading With NITTS – Join In The EURGBP Short – 17-Apr-16

A question I received from Chris after the Pro Member Weekly Workshop today – Nigel mentioned in the workshop that he was interested in trading EURGBP short next week, could you maybe show how I can position for this using the No Indicators Trend Trading Strategy (NITTS)?

So, for the benefit of Chris and others…

The truth is you’re already late joining the party here in that the Short entry on the 1 hour chart at least, triggered on Monday – This is shown on the chart below.

Anyway, it is late to join in but it is still possible to do so – Especially for those of you following Nigel’s view after that Bearish Reversal candle he identified on this weeks weekly chart.

The Entry and Initial Stop are, again, shown in the chart below (this assumes a new high is not made before that low is broken, if it is, adjust the Initial Stop accordingly).

Please, please, please – Do not consider taking this trade unless you have a copy of and understand the No Indicators Trend Trading Strategy (NITTS).

Join In The EURGBP Short 17-04-16 Chart

Hope it helps Chris.

All comments welcome…

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