Unhappy Pigs 15-May-16

Unhappy Pigs – 15-May-16

After a rather decent April, for most of us, the 3 Little Pigs is a little under the weather this month as we give some of those April profits back.

So, here is my first point – No strategy is flawless and no strategy will ever work all the time.

Remember those ranging EURGBP and USDJPY markets in April – When some of you were mailing me and asking if you should stand aside until the markets found direction? Then, two 10%+ trades came along, both entries were almost from the centre of their respective ranges.

You can see here that EURGBP winner (remember also before that first loser there were also a few other losing/breakeven trades).

Unhappy Pigs 15-May-16 Chart

We have now had 3 losers in a row since that big winner – So, when will it end? The answer is, nobody knows!

And this is my second point – We have at times to accept a little pain.

My third and final point is this – If we can accept the pain and take all those signals, we know the pain will end and it will be replaced with gain.

This is not a pessimistic view of the current situation. It is a realistic and optimistic view based on the fact we know the strategy does not work all the time. We also know that at the end of the year, because we are trading a long term proven strategy – Chances are we will hardly even remember this short term pain at all. Let’s see how many emails I get in December!

Current View From The 3 Little Pigs Scanner

Here is the current outlook for the 8 currency pairs I trade and many other instruments from my 3 Little Pigs MT4 Scanner screen.  It shows currently trending markets and where there is a valid signal on the current or previous 4 Hour candle close.

Unhappy Pigs 15-May-16 Scanner

Hope it helps.

All comments welcome.

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